About the MGHG

The Museums and Galleries History Group (MGHG) was founded in 2002 and inaugurated in 2003 with the symposium Museums and their Histories, held at the National Gallery in London. The MGHG provides a platform for debate and contact among all those who seek to understand museums and galleries from historical and theoretical perspectives. The interests represented are wide-ranging, interdisciplinary and international and the Group also acts as a forum for considerations of the place of museum history within academic discourse and its importance for current museum practice.

The President of the MGHG is Professor Helen Rees Leahy. The Board consists of a mixture of academics and professionals who work in the museum and galleries sector: 

Kate Hill (Chair) Sarah Longair (Secretary) Bryony Millan (Tresurer), Mark Westgarth (Newsletter Editor) Rebecca Wade (Web Officer), Philip Deans (Postgraduate Officer), Ana Baeza (Marketing Officer), Linda Sandino (Membership Secretary), Julia Dudkiewicz (Member without Portfolio), Katy Barrett (Member without Portfolio) and Caroline Morris (Member without Portfolio).